Mindful Nutrition Program

Do you find yourself

  • Making mindless decisions about your nutrition or
  • Eating food that does not work for you without paying attention or
  • Constantly dieting and restriction yourself or feeling guilty and uncomfortable about your daily nutrition or
  • Simply not knowing what to do to feel better and reach your health and weight loss goals?


Then the Mindful Nutrition Program is for you!

The Mindful Nutrition Program is a non-restrictive realistic food and lifestyle program that provides you with a step-by-step approach on how to stop dieting and start living a full and energized life.

Week after week you will learn to focus on real and whole foods and incorporate healthy lifestyle habits that will allow you and your loved ones to simplify, organise and thrive. My goal is to help you live a better more relaxed and nutritious life day after day.


Every month we will give you


  • Easy to make breakfast, lunch, dinner recipes
  • Snack suggestions
  • A food structure for each day
  • Weekly themes and videos to focus on such as
    • Building a morning routine: Our 1-2-3 approach
    • Avoiding the afternoon slump
    • Eliminate sugar cravings
    • Build an evening routine and get your energy back in the morning
    • Significantly reduce stress

and much more!


In just a few days, you will feel more energized and focused by eating the food you like. Nurture You is your roadmap to finally make peace and embrace food. 


Learn WHAT to eat and WHEN. Destress about your meals. Be confident and really enjoy life to its fullest.


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